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viewer's comments

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10 Responses to “Viewer’s Comments”

  1. Hi Sabi

    Congrats on your blog! Am looking forward to reading your views on life. Keep going….

  2. Hi Anu,

    I am glad you like my blog.. I too hope to keep writing, feels good when I give vent to my views and feelings..

  3. Hi Sabitha,
    We ve seen ur blog n me nw here in changanacherry.The pic u ve put in this “lady holding a small baby that was fabulous n i enjoyed reading ur blog but culdnt complete as i loss my patience.Hope u n ur baby will have a nice time n may god bless u for all ur ventures n througout ur natal n postnatal regards to dennis too.

  4. Thanks a lot for all the support! I am glad you have taken the time and effort to go through my blog and this means a lot for me and inspires me to write more…

  5. Hi da…keep going..its really interesting and we hope that you and your little one are doing well.May god bless u all.

  6. Hi sabi,

    Your blog is very interesting…

  7. its a wonderful site sabi….god has given you the talent of penning down your thoughts very realistically and humorously…..keep writing……especially i feel you’ve done a great deed by voicing out for those who are mentally and physically abused and drained out in life.keep up the good job…….may god strengthen you always!!!!

  8. Hi sabitha
    Thanks a lot for all the support, when i was searching for these answers i got from this blog thanks a lot

  9. very helpful,let me add one thing the bed charges for per day is 100 AED.

  10. sabitha……..i’ll miss u terribly… will always be remembered…
    for those who are not aware… best friend ,sabitha denise left for her heavenly abode on 17th of dec 2009……she fought hard against PPCM …please do pass the information on and do remember her,denise and her adorable baby annie in your valuable prayers…..

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