Leave judgement to GOD!

Don’t judge others, leave judgement to God! You may not know the complete truth, only the person being subjected to the judgement and God alone knows what is the TRUTH… Many a times in life we get subjected to people’s criticism at some point or the other, some of us may take it with the chin up, some may be broken like there’s no repair, yet some others may go on as if nothing has happened. Very often, women are the scapegoats since they are easily misunderstood as emotional beings!  We are all not of the same make, each one of us is unique and wonderfully made to perform at our best at all times. But, at times, due the circumstances that we have been brought up, our life’s experiences, our family’s influence, our educational background or any other external factor, we may not always be at our best demeanor. Accept this and keep this in mind before you feel like judging anybody next time! Peace be to the world!!

~ by Sabitha Denis on September 19, 2009.

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