What a combo!

I always used to wonder why people tie their heads tightly and act like mad cats while they are having migraine attacks. Both my parents had migraine attacks and I used to fear going near them during those times as a child. How come my sweet Papa who spoils me rotten with love behave like a maniac and my mom acts like she has been taken by the storm!! Now I know… First of all, the strong medication taken for my PPCM was making me weak day by day and thanks to genetics, I have a great combo to add to this malady – migraine!! How I wish I could just melt and vanish in that one hour of extreme pain and anguish… The puking that follows leaves me completely drained that the very thought of food gives me repulsion! My fav Pastas, lasagnes, biriyani, kappa & beef, chicken hakka noodles(the list goes on since I’m a confirmed foodie!) do not come anywhere near the bottom of my mind!!! As usual, my friends n husband gives me the courage to go on.

~ by Sabitha Denis on October 19, 2009.

One Response to “What a combo!”

  1. This is so ironic that I should read this today, I just woke up with a nasty one around 3 this morning. Luckily, after searching for over 20 years and 4 neurologists, I finally found a doc who put me on the right med and Imitrex when I felt the headache coming on. This has saved me the frequent trips to the ER and made life more pleasant.

    Migraines are nasty and cruel and can paralyze you. Many a time I spent days in my bedroom with the shades down for days exchanging ice packs. Nothing helped and my only choice was the ER. The ER is not a friendly place for migraine sufferers, we aren’t exactly top priority.

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