This will be the last post in this blog.

Dear Passerby,

This will be the last post in this blog.

It is extremely difficult for me to make this last post. I am not Sabitha as you know her. I am her husband. Sabitha passed away two months after her last post in this blog. On a Thursday afternoon, December 17, 2009.

Today it will be almost one year and 2 months since she left Annie and me. She had severe left ventricle dysfunction. To be specific, she left us fighting Post Partum Cardio Mayopathy, a very rare condition that follows delivery. She was treated in Dubai, Sharjah and also in India. She was a very brave woman and a wonderful partner.

Life goes on one day at a time. Annie is growing up big and strong. She looks and smiles like her mother. As I promised Sabitha, I love her for both of us.

Only recently I could log into this account, for I was not aware of her password. I tried some possible combinations from my memory and it worked. Dear readers, thank you all for being part of her life. She always loved to write and share information.

Today, two days before what could have been our third valentines day, I am posting this. Her memories now make me smile, the places we went, the memories we shared…I still miss her soft grip on my hands.

God bless everyone.

Thanking you again,

Denis Eugene Arackal

Saturday, February 12, 2011.

~ by Sabitha Denis on February 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “This will be the last post in this blog.”

  1. Hello: Just got this info today about Sabitha’s chechi’s demise. It’s hard to believe. The memories of us growing up in Dibba are priceless. We are cherishing those memories. God bless your family especially through the difficult times.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Jessen.

  3. Denis, I see your pictures on FB and read some of your posts. I’ve visited this blog once, I think – to congratulate the birth of your little princess. I found my way back here again today, while searching for Al Qasba, and this news truly came as a shock. I am really sorry. May the beautiful memories and love that you’ve shared together give you the strength to be strong.

  4. denis,
    apologies for not calling you last saturday. both paru and i deleted sabitha’s mob no from our contact list a couple of months ago. we were aware you are using the number. unable to contact you. can you please get in touch with us. ajit and parvathy

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