Delivery at Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, UAE

Al Qassimi

Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah is the second busiest hospital after Al Wasl hospital, Dubai with the birth of 4,500-4,800 babies per year. You can contact Al Qassimi Hospital , Sharjah at 06-5386444 for further enquiries or assistance.

For those of you who wish to have your delivery at Sharjah, especially at one of the government hospitals like Al Qassimi hospital, here are a few pointers:

  • First, during your initial months of pregnancy, you can consult a Gynecologist at any private clinic. I would recommend Dr.Susan Jose of Marijah clinic near old Sharjah Cinema at Rolla, Sharjah.
  • After you enter your 5th month, you have to open your Prenatal file at Al Qassimi, the old one at Butina area, on the Sharjah-Ajman road. You need to bring your Marriage certificate, passport copies of yourself and your spouse and the health card*.
  • You will get free consultations, scans and blood tests done at the old Al Qassimi till your 8th month as long as you don’t develop any complications until the 8th month. In case of any complications, you will be referred to Kuwait Hospital.
  • At the beginning of your 8th month, you will be referred to Kuwait hospital and your prenatal file will be transferred there. At Kuwait hospital, initially you have to pay Dhs.250/-  and Dhs.50/consultation, Dhs.10/blood tests and Dhs.30/scan thereafter.
  • In case of any emergency or in the event of having your delivery pain, you can go directly to the main Al Qassimi hospital.

* Health cards:

It is a requirement for expatriates to have a health card in order to live and work in the UAE. These cards are available to all residents of the UAE for a fee. The medical is usually done at the Public Health Clinic, however some of the private hospitals also offer this service.

Listed below is the necessary paperwork required to apply for a health card:

1. Passport photocopy
2. Covering letter from sponsor
3. Visa application or photocopy
4. passport size photographs
5. Ministry of Health form duly filled
6. Dhs 300 for the health card
7. Dhs 200 for the medical examination

Wish you a happy Motherhood and safe delivery!

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 15, 2009.

122 Responses to “Delivery at Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, UAE”

  1. Thanks (I am guessing) Sabitha for the info. My wife’s expecting and she is in her first month of pregnancy. I just wanted to know where exactly is the old Al Qasimi Hospital. Is there a website?

    • The old Al Qassimi hospital is in the Butina area, on the Shj-Ajman road. I am not aware of any website. I’m sure any taxi drivers in Shj. will be able to give u the right directions.

      • hi, my baby is now 2 months. I am searching for a clinic or hospital where I can get a free vaccination for my little girl. Can you please advise where if you know something.

        Thanks and regards,

  2. I am expecting next year and this would be my very first time in UAE. Can anyone please help me with information regarding the delivery charges in Al-Qassimi Hospital, inclusive of all services? I need a rough idea, please, anyone.

    • At Al Qassimi, for a normal delivery, you will have to pay Dhs.3000 exclusive of the bed rates per day. If it is a C-section, it will be Dhs.4000. IT IS ALWAYS WISE TO CONSULT parallel an experienced Doc. like Dr.Susan Jose in Rolla,Sharjah .

      • Dear all,
        can you plz let me know the exact charges for Delivery, C-Section and normal both, and about the daily bed charges and all……..


        Mohammad Faizan Khan

      • can I have contact no of Dr. Susan Jose?

  3. I hope I’m not being too much of a nuisance with these comments. I just can’t help taking this walk down memory lane. Two of my brothers were born in Al Qassimi hospital! The one in the Shahbaa neighborhood.

    Are you familiar with Samnan? That’s a neighborhood not too far from Shahbaa. That was where we lived first. I loved it infinitely! Gosh… How I miss Sharjah!

    I’m guessing it’s lost most of its suburban feel though and is probably starting to look like Dubai perhaps. That would be a pity.

    I must thank you for your articles. A much-appreciated glimpse back to the happy childhood years! *sigh*

    • Hi Nora!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by! 🙂 It’s a pleasure getting such nostalgic comments from people like you who have been here when this place was rustic, now the old charm has been lost and as you rightly said, it is steps behind Dubai in becoming a concrete jungle with less space and more skyscrapers! If you get a chance, you should visit UAE again, I heard Fujairah and some other N.Emirates haven’t lost much of the old time charm…

      Ramadan Kareem! Stay in touch!

  4. Hi Sabitha. Thanks for the info you provided the last time around. I would like to know (again), where the new (main) Al Qassimi Hospital is? Also, my wife is right now in her 5th month. In case of complications (pain, etc), which hospital should we refer to – Kuwaiti or main Al Qassimi? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m glad to be of help to you. The new Al Qassimi hospital is on the Sharjah-Ajman road. In case of any emergency, you have to take your wife to the new Al Qassimi hospital irrespective of whichever month is going on. Any emergency treatment done is done free of cost!


      Sabitha Denis

  5. Please inform me what is the rates/Charges for NORMAL & C SECTION delevery done in Alqasmia .WAITING FOR YOUR KIND REPLY.

  6. My Wife has a Sharjah free zone visa,she doesnt have a health card,where can we go to make one & what document we will be needing

  7. My wife is pregnant, she has sharjah free zone visa,as mention above the document required is visa appliaction for helath card ,what exactly is that ?

  8. Hello there, I’m looking for Health Card for my wife… we are on Dubai Visa & staying in Sharjah. Can I get the Health Card from Sharjah or I have to get it issued from Dubai… Please advise
    Also documents required will be same or there will additional documents required…

  9. hi sabitha,i am in my 7th month and doctor have told me to go to kuwaiti first and then to qasimia what should i do?? how much do they charge for normal and ceasarian?plz let me know soon

  10. hi where is the old qasimi so i can take my wife there for her pre natal? Is this free of charge? I thought the govt hospital and having a health card will cover for the charge of the delivery-

  11. by the way, do you have a phone # of Doctor susan Jose? Thank you very much for your site-it is indeed very helpful

  12. hai sabitha,
    thank you so much for giving such a good advise. can you please tell me as yo have mentioned if i am seeing susan doctor till 5 month then to oldal qassimi after that do i have to pay an extra payment for my delivery in al qassimi? can you please suggest me because i want to know how expensive it would be having a delivery in al qassimi.

  13. HI sabitha,

    Have a questions , how about different doctors are checking in early stage and finally you are handed over to some doctors who neverever checked you before . Is it OK ? . This is my first time and am in my 7 months . Kindly advise.

  14. hi
    cud u plz tell me the rates for normal and caesarean delivery in alqassimi hospital..what r the bed charges? r there any other charges?

  15. Hi All

    Here is the latest
    If you are holding a Dubai visa you can still make a health card in sharjah. Health card is made at the health clinic behind NBAD building at buhaira corniche provided you have following documents
    Passport copy with valid visa
    One passport size photograph
    Proof that you are staying in sharjah, a company stamped letter confirming that you are staying in sharjah or tenancy contract in your husband’s name.
    DHS 330.00
    If u have all above, the health card will be issued at the same counter. It wont take much time. It is advisable to go by urself to make the health card as there is special counter for ladies and it is much faster, male counters are always busy and may take
    one to two hours to get the card issued.
    Once the card is made you can directly go to Old Al Qassimi Clinic ..If you have lulu centre, rolla at the left side just drive straight once you reach a new masjid at a round about go straight again and take the first u-turn…on the right side u can
    see the publice clinic…that is called OLD AL QASSIMNI HOSPITAL.
    Once you reach there with the health card they will give u date to open a file. Here you can do the check up till 7 months completed and for Health card holders there are no charges. After 7months the file will be trasnferred to Kuwaiti Hospital and there
    will be a charge of Dhs 50.00 for every visit and very minimal charges for scan, blood,urine test etc…Delivery will be at Al Qassimi Hospital. Hope this will be helpful for all.
    May ALLAH bless you all.

    • thanks anes,i think above info is enough for all who want to deliver thier baby in al qassimi hospital

  16. hi sabitha, this is my second baby, and i m in my second mth of pergnancy. i m planning to deliver here,but dont have any idea of hospital.qassimi is the most nearest to me. i dont know about the dr. over there and their services. pls suggest me about this and when should we visit the hospital.


    • I have just seen the comment posted by you on Sabitha’s blog. I am her husband. Sabitha passed away last December, 2009. She had severe left ventricle dysfunction. To be specific, she left us fighting post partum cardio mayopathy. She was treated here and also in India. She was a very brave woman and a wonderful partner. Thank you for passing by.

      Her Husband
      Denis Eugene Arackal

      • I just came across this blog today, and was so thankful for all the information given in such detail. But as I was reading the comments further n came across ur post announcing Sabitha’s deamise, I was literally heartbroken. My prayers are with you n ur cute daughter. May Allah give u the strength to cope with the loss of such a wonderful person. May Allah bless her soul.
        Nimrah Hussain

  18. AAH May ALMIGHTY rest her soul in peace………

  19. IS it true?, i guess no, if yes then Lot of prayers are from us for her informative guidance…!!

  20. hi sabitha:

    i was happy that i read all the details on what the people asked you & Thank GOD you give time also to reply all of this..Now, i had idea where i can give birth for my 1st baby…Madam, i want to know if who is the best doctor to give nice delivery.please advice me through mu emails.thank u & EID MUBARAK!!!!!

    • I am her husband. I have just seen the comment posted by you on Sabitha’s blog. Sabitha passed away last December, 2009. She had severe left ventricle dysfunction. To be specific, she left us fighting post partum cardio mayopathy. She was treated here and also in India. She was a very brave woman and a wonderful partner. Thank you for passing by.

      Her Husband
      Denis Eugene Arackal

  21. Our visa is dubai visa we are staying in ajman my wife starting period of pragnancy pl suggest me which hospital i have to contact for health card and what should i do to treatment?

    • Sabitha passed away last December, 2009. She had severe left ventricle dysfunction. To be specific, she left us fighting post partum cardio mayopathy. She was treated here and also in India. She was a very brave woman and a wonderful partner. Thank you for passing by.

      Her Husband
      Denis Eugene Arackal

  22. I am sorry for your loss. May the good Lord shower his choicest blessings on you and your family members and may Sabitha’s soul rest in peace.

  23. Thanks you so much for all this information i would have been lost without it. Keep up the good work.

    A father to be.


  25. hi can some one tell me that whom to address in the letter which i will get from my employer in order to get a health card

  26. if u need to have a delivery in sharja thn u need to have a health certificate for your spouse,in order to have a health card u need to produce documents below,contact number for sharjah ministry of health is 065722222,they are off on friday and saturday,timings are from 8 am timm 2 pm.
    1. Passport & visa copy of spouse
    2. stamped letter from your employer mentioning the fact tht u r currently working in sharjah addressed to SHARJAH MINISTRY OF HEALTH (no problem if u have a dubai visa)or tenancy contract under ur name
    3. 1 passport size photograph of spouse
    4. Dhs 330 for the health card
    5. orgnal pasport of your spouse
    by taking all of these documents you need to go to buhaira conich sharjah at the rear of NATIONAL BANK OF ABU DHABI.
    if u wana save ur time ask your spouse to complete the process by her self by going to the ladies section there.
    what u need to do afterwards i will let u know soon
    take care

  27. i need to know does al qasimia hospital allows husband ,male inside during the time of delivery? as old qasimia dont allow male even when u r having a scan

  28. Dear Passerby,

    This will be the last post in this blog.

    It is extremely difficult for me to make this last post. I am not Sabitha as you know her. I am her husband. Sabitha passed away two months after her last post in this blog. On a Thursday afternoon, December 17, 2009.

    Today it will be almost one year and 2 months since she left Annie and me. She had severe left ventricle dysfunction. To be specific, she left us fighting Post Partum Cardio Mayopathy, a very rare condition that follows delivery. She was treated in Dubai, Sharjah and also in India. She was a very brave woman and a wonderful partner.

    Life goes on one day at a time. Annie is growing up big and strong. She looks and smiles like her mother. As I promised Sabitha, I love her for both of us.

    Only recently I could log into this account, for I was not aware of her password. I tried some possible combinations from my memory and it worked. Dear readers, thank you all for being part of her life. She always loved to write and share information.

    Today, two days before what could have been our third valentines day, I am posting this. Her memories now make me smile, the places we went, the memories we shared…I still miss her soft grip on my hands.

    God bless everyone.

    Denis Eugene Arackal
    Saturday, February 12, 2011.

    • dear denis,
      this is my 1st time ever 2 visit this site,as like others,i ws also havin queries bout delivery in this hospital….i ws goin through al the posts,when i came across urs n m holding back my tears….losing some1 special is pianful,i v wel know it,as i lost my mom wen i ws 4yrs old….but 2day here i am,a doc,cuz therez a MIGHTY power to take care of al of us….so dun wori, m expressing my heartiest condolences to you….tc

  29. Hi
    I have read the comments. Im in my 5th Month now. I would like to know are the doctors good like as in do we feel in safe hands.

    • Dear Komal,

      I am not Sabitha. I am her husband. Please read the last post in this blog to know why I am replying your question instead of her.

      I will be true to you. Doctors and Nurses, especially Nurses at Al Qassimi Hostipal were good to us. The hospital offers very good facilities compared to some so-called good hospitals in India. But that is it.

      I don’t think that a normal delivery is complicated here. So I don’t see any reason for you to worry. But believe me, for some terminal illness India is far far better. Medical practice is better back home. I think even doctors know this. No question about this- but it’s my personal view.

      It’s up to you to decide.
      Wish you all the blessings,
      Denis Eugene

  30. May the LORD bless her and her family!! All here is very very helpful, Thanks LORD for this angel.

  31. hi,
    i concieved here last december and i had some bleeding ;hence Dr.Susan adv me rest . so i went to my native place had my baby n iam back now.could u tell me if i can get a health card issued now?? n the procedure plz??????

    • 1. Passport & visa copy of spouse
      2. stamped letter from your employer mentioning the fact tht u r currently working in sharjah addressed to SHARJAH MINISTRY OF HEALTH (no problem if u have a dubai visa)or tenancy contract under ur name
      3. 1 passport size photograph of spouse
      4. Dhs 330 for the health card
      5. orgnal pasport of your spouse
      by taking all of these documents you need to go to buhaira conich sharjah at the rear of NATIONAL BANK OF ABU DHABI.
      if u wana save ur time ask your spouse to complete the process by her self by going to the ladies section there.

      As mentioned by Mr. Yasir below. Browse down to read the way he has written this. Thanks

  32. Dear Ancy,

    I am not Sabitha. I am her husband. Please read the last post in this blog to know why I am replying your question instead of her.

  33. Hi

    My angel is of four months. I am looking for her vaccination. Can anyone tell me what will be the charge for that and which will be the best hospital to do this???

  34. childrens hospital in sharjah, it is included n the package if delivery was made in Al Qasimi hospital

  35. Dear Sir,
    This is with regards to my child who is 4 months old, I want to get his vaccination done, in old al Qasmi hospital, I reside at al Qasmiyah in sharjah, i want to know whats the procedure to get the vaccination done of my child, and what are the documents required, and the charges, I hope you will reply back, its urgent,

  36. hi sbitha:
    i am searching from several days for the charges of Al Qasimi hospital for cesereans i am going to hav my second baby first i got in pakistan so i dunt have idea what are charges here in government hospital plz u le me know i am passing from 6th month and i can hav baby with cesereans not normal delivery. thnks for ur cooperation

    • Dear Aisha,
      This is not Sabitha. Its her husband. She passed away 6 months after her delivery. Please see the first entry on the homepage.
      If i remember correctly, cesarean delivery will cost you AED 3500. Normal delivery is free. But it’s the doctors who will decide on the type of delivery, I am not sure you can choose a particular method of delivery.

  37. Hi friends,

    im pregant of 2nd month, i just wish to go to Kuwait hospital for my consultency, can some one help me what will be the consultant charges and scanning charges , also let us know medicines which are required is provided by hospital or our cost, can some one pls help me..its bit urgent…thanks in advance.

  38. May I know Qassimi hospital normal delivery charges any body can help me

  39. can we know how much the charges for D & C, i have m/c case and al qassimi will admit me this coming sunday July 24, 2011 at around 5pm. pls. tell me how much the charges so that i have idea for the amount? thank you so much…

  40. i would like to know the charges of normal delievery at qassimi hospital…

  41. hi, my wife is 8th months pregnant in sharjah . her treatment started at al kuwaiti hospital. so what is charges of normal delivery and caesarean delivery in al qassimi hospital sharjah. thanks

  42. if u can enter the coast of delivery ,in tottal

  43. aslaamu alaikum
    my wife is 5th months of pregnant in sharjah. this is 2nd pregnancy.
    1st delivery is operation in india. now, Inshallah we are guess for normal delivery, so what is this charge for normal and cesarean delivery at al qassimi hospital in sharjah. thank you

  44. narmal delivery charges 5000 plus 100 per day and plus report charges.(Aprox. charges 5500Dhs)
    cesarean 8000 Dhs.

  45. hi friend, i checked with al qasimmia for delivery charges AED.5,000/- for normal delivery and AED.8,000/- for cesarean delivery + as they say AED.100/- per day as room charges if any extra required..this is if you have HEALH CARD, if not just make it double. thats all..

  46. hello, i just want to ask if my wife can still register to al qassimi hospital? she is 23 week pregnant already. how long it will take to get a health card to minestry of health? Thank you.

  47. no you cannot go directly to al qasmiah hospital first you have to register in till till end of 7th month old al qasmia will provide services, there after on 8th month you will be trns to kuwait hospital then 9th month your file will be transfered to al qasmia for delivery…

  48. health card will take just 5 min upon paying of AED.330/-, for getting card just visit to AL QASIMIA HOSPITAL

  49. May I please be informed about the working days and hours of the AL QASIMIA HOSPITAL . Thank you

  50. May i please be informed about the working hours of ALQASIMIA HOSPITAL?


  51. i had two deliveries in a qassmia both via c section 1st was emergency due to fever and fetal distress second i attempted vbac but failed again fetal heart rate dropped and they done i again want vba2c. anyone can tell me that they will allow me 2 do it or not? bcz according tothe ACOG guideinesThe College guidelines now clearly say that women with two previous low-transverse cesarean incisions, women carrying twins, and women with an unknown type of uterine scar are considered appropriate candidates for a TOLAC,”

  52. i’m 25 weeks pregnant my babyhas cystic hygroma after delivery baby will operated immedidtely i want to know about the charges of removal of cyst of baby nfurther treatment of baby

  53. hi i have a kid who is 15 months old i need to give her vaccine just suggest me where can go for free vaccination and the location and process pleae let me kno

  54. my father came on visit visa to sharjah he is feeling uneasy for general check which goverment hospital i can apporach? where they give free treatment . pls note he is 3 months visit visa. whether he allowed to take treatment in without fees? if so where is that pls advise

  55. hi i just wanna ask da normal delivery pakage of qasmi hospital i need complete information if u can help thanks

  56. whats d latest charge for delivery?

  57. Hello,

    I just want to know how
    much is the current fee for normal delivery in Qassimia Hospital? Is the above procedure still the same for this year?


  58. my baby is 8 month old.i complete her initial vaccination in i want to know where i can heve free vaccination and location also.her measles vaccine is due on 29.7.2011

    • Dear Visit as soon as possible to Al Qasimiya hospital on sharjah ajman road and make appointment before. visit with your+Husband+Baby passport copy+ Pakistani Card for vacination. They will give you appointment. It will be free

  59. hi i am residing in Dubai ,and holding a Dubai Visa , can i avail a health card from Al Qasimi hospital Shj?

  60. what is the charges for normal delivery in Al Qassimiyah??? and also what is the additional charges since begining, as my wife is pregnant and we are in confuse of go where?? please advise for the cheapest and best option??

  61. hi i am living in sharjah and i want to know total expence of normal delivery in al qassimia hospital and also about c section how many days in normal delivery needs to hospitalized and same question for c section also rly please…..

  62. i want to know about health card ? i am 2 months pregnent,health card is valuable if i got it after pregnancy,(my dought is one year period is wanted for using the health card after got it).pls some one answer this question?

  63. hi,I want to know the latest normal delivery cheapest charges including 2day stay in general ward,it will be my third baby and i am dubai visa resident holder.I need complete information.Thanks

  64. Dear
    I want to know at 8th month can I get allowed to go any Private Hospital like GMC hospital Ajman for Delivery , pls clear this

  65. Dear Sir/Madam,My wife is going to deliver next month at Al Qassimi,please help me to know what are the charges for Normal and C-section and is there any more charges.What is the procedure for the payment.Thank you for your time,awaiting for your kind reply.

  66. I’ want to know Is there any free consultation in all qasimia if I were a health card boulder

  67. hello .. i am prgnent and i want to knw about total delivry charges at al qassimi plz i dont hav much time plz ans me…

  68. hi i can take infertility treatment on this health card

  69. can i get infertility treatment qasimihalth card in al

  70. hi i am sainaba
    you know who are the indian gynaecologist there in Al Qasimiya Hospital

  71. I hope this will help some in the future.
    If you want to check the location of the hospital please copy the following in GOOGLE maps: 25°22’50″N 55°24’13″E
    this will show you the location of the hospital.

    Please note: The hospital is now called as :Maternal and Child Hospital

    But most of the people know it by its old name:”Al-Qassimi”

  72. i am 8 months pregnant now, actually i took antenatal package at global medical center shrajah ,here i paid 1200dhs it included all the check ups and my blood test and also ultrasound scans. i want to deliver here .before i was planning to deliver in india but now i changed my plan .my doctor at global medical center say i cannot register now at al qasimi hospital i have to deliver in private hospital . is this correct.

    • hi! I’m in the same situation right now, just want to ask where did you deliver where you able to make admissions at al qassimi or kuwaiti.

  73. HI my wife is pregnant and her sixth month of pregnancy starter now. Al Qassimi hospital will accept the case or will not accept in sixth month?

  74. without healthcard how much the expenses will come?

  75. hi can u tell me about normal delivery fees.

  76. I heard that Al Qasimia hospital (I don’t know which one, new or old) baby delivery in Ramadan is free? Is that true?

  77. I want to aaply in your hospital for job as a nurse midwife.I completed my training in 2009 passed in 1st divission.kindly answer me on my email address I shall b verry thankful to u.
    Name:Saba gill.Nationality:pakistani.
    Reliving:christian. Status:single.Education:metric from sunshine board karachi. thank u

  78. my email address is: contact # +923413547102. thanku i’ll wait for yours answer

  79. Hi Denis, i was going throught the mgs above..
    You are a very strong person, God Bless you ..
    You have kept your wife alive throught this blog.. Good Job.. lots of prayers for the whole family..

  80. Hi…I have a doubt regarding healthcard…do marijeh clinic accept health card…how much is the consultation fee and scanning fee in marijeh clinic

  81. Do you know what are the recent delivery charges at Sharjah Al qasimi Hospital ?

  82. anyone tell me about charges of c-section

  83. Dear All…Al Qassimi Rates have increased to 8000AED with health card.
    Can anyone please help me with exact rates and all.



  84. Dear All…Al Qassimi Rates have increased to 8000AED with health card.
    Can anyone please help me with exact rates and all.

  85. hello
    i am expecting for 2 months i don’t know your location at butina area so please give me location so i can connect and i have nextcare insurance card so that this card is allow or not?

  86. im pregnent,my first baby born ceasean opration about15 months ago my next baby also born ceazrean

  87. hi please can u help me by providing the current package rate for normal and c-sec delivery charges.I am looking forward for a reply .

    Thanks and God bless

  88. Hi please can you say me the normal and c-sec delivery charges at Al Qassimi hospital
    looking forward for a reply
    Thanks and God bless

  89. Hi, I’m 3 months pregnant now. Will I get a health card from al qassimiya?

  90. how much charges for Normal delivery. My wife 3rd Month start.
    thanks. Sikander/055-2636917

  91. Hi all i got pregnant after 5 years wen i last visited doc susan jose in marijeh medical center n delieverd my daughter in malaysia. Actully all i remember is dr susan gave a vitamin tab i forgot its name all i remember is the packet of it was green colour is anyone gere fimilier to it plz can u give me its name.

    • Hello hafsa,
      They usually give folic acid. And multivitamins.
      They are easily available at the pharmacy.

  92. Dear sir/ madam,
    I am pregnant with 3 months and my family residing in sharjah. I want to open a file in al qassimi hospital for my pregnancy check ups. Please provide me the consultation and scan charges dĂ©tails for normal checkups…coz i can have my delivery in India. Please suggest.

  93. Can anyone tell me the exact charges of delivery

    • For my wife 7 months before i spend AED 8000 in Dubai gov hospital . Just prepare for 7k – 9k for Sharjah. only if its a normal delivery.

      Best wishes .

    • Parvin bhanu..
      as mentiond above from ur 4 th mnth of pregnancy u can visit old alqasmi hospitl have ur free check up there till ur 8 mnth..

  94. Can anyone tell me the normal charges of delivery.plz plz

  95. I have a health card where hospital I can go?I have stomach problem?I want to go in hospital but my worries maybe all laboratory test I need to pay and maybe it’s to expensive. Please advise

  96. thx for infmriation.
    how much charges for normal delevery. In kuwait or alqasmiya after all process complete as mentioned above.

  97. Hi..can any one tell me what is the charges of ceserion delivery in al qasmi….

  98. hi dear
    can any one tel me about the new charges for both delivery
    thanks and regards

  99. It is AED7000 ++(room & medicine) for normal & AED 10000 ++ for c-section.

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