Getting a Driving Licence in Sharjah!!


Getting a Driving Licence in Sharjah is a real nightmare! First, there’s the theory class and exam, once you clear that after months of waiting and classes, you will get the date for Parking test. By miracle, if you clear that you will be called for your “Kacha” test after 2-3 months, very few people clear their Kacha at one go! You flunk that and you will be asked to wait for months to get another date for the Kacha test. Once that is cleared, you have to undergo the “Pakka” test. The whole procedure of getting the Driver’s Licence  in your hands could take  more than a year!! By then you will be frustrated to the core for sure. The average cost of getting your DL in Sharjah is Dhs.5000/- Once you get the DL in your hands, the reality test begins on the road where you get confused with all the roundabouts, interchanges and signals. A person coming from other Emirates, especially from Dubai can easily get lost if they miss an interchange or roundabout. My friend who has lived in Dubai her entire life has been to Sharjah only a few number of times for fear of getting lost out here!!

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 21, 2009.

30 Responses to “Getting a Driving Licence in Sharjah!!”

  1. Cool!

  2. Its real nightmare, i dint know when i will get my licence. Struggling since 2007 still nothing but frustration and sadness.i hope one day come, until i wont give-up.

  3. i have failed in the final test 3 times and they wrote me just 4 mistakes i don’t know what is the problem. i am so frustrated everybody is making fun of me now. i want to end this thing as soon as possible.

  4. i am giving manual car test in ajman i have already given 10 test in 1.5 yrs last 5-6 test i am getting straight 3 mitakes now i know i did terrible mistakes i am suffering from dipression anxiety and social fobia ( because people make fun of it) It impossible to get a manual driving license in Ajman it takes 20-30 test and about 3 years. what a weaste of time, effort and money.

  5. inshallah you will pass soon, never give up..

  6. today my driving test he failed me butt i am drive well no mistakes what i do

  7. can anybody say after howmany test after the police clear a person from the kacha?

  8. Hi, I got my driving license quite easily from Sharjah.Approximately 6 months in total including the gap or waiting time between theory and practical classes. Wasn’t much hard but one thing is noticable. THe behavior of instructor. Generally, they are good if they avoid shouting n use of foul language with students. I do not appreciate any of it. If they are instructors, they should act lik one. I had to make them understand that it is completely wrong. But the good part is, despite all this, “I made it !!!

  9. Hi This is Najaf Male 29 Sharjah, I have cleared my parking test , kacha (Pre Test) in first attempt.

    Tomorrow morning dated 22/04/2012 , 7:40 am would be my final road test in Sharjah Driving school.

    I hope i will clear this test 😉

  10. hiiiiiiiiiiii:)

    I have cleared my Final Road test in First attempt;)

    Thanks God…. Its all about confidence, acting (to clear the test u must act like u r good driver , Take care specially Reflex Road Movement).



    • HI My frnd

      can u give me some tips bcoz tomarrow i m going to give final test in sharjah.. also i m curious to know what is road reflex movement..they just ponder on this point for three times…….thnks in advance

  11. hi ppl,
    im all new to this driving thingy..

    these driving lessons involve auto or manual cars?

  12. Don’t waste your life in doubts and fears: spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour’s duties will be the best preparation for the hours or ages that follow it. Just do it.

  13. I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.

  14. Finally i got it, it was 2007 ending when i took admission, and its 2012 to keep the driving license from the great sharjah in my wallet. i am happy folks. never give up.

  15. I had been open my file in sharjah about 1 month ago but still did not got a call for classes.Could any one told me how much time will they take more

  16. Hi This is Mohammed Male 27 Sharjah, I have cleared my parking test in 2nd attemt , kacha (Pre Test) in third attempt.

    i have failed 2 final road test…. looking forward to third road test… i need little luck & wishes

  17. i failed 3 times..i pisssed off…and edi instructors are toooo tooo rude…

  18. i have a valid indian driving licence at 2002 have shajha visa if have any con section me get to open driving licence file

  19. Good post! Thanks for sharing an useful information.. It really worked for me.

  20. Hi every one ,know i open new file in sharjah.the receptionist told me that w8 for six month we will inform you.after then you take clases here can any one explan me that it exactly take six month or thay will call me after a month or two.

  21. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.

    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going
    to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  22. I took the driving license from sharjah in my first test! 4 me it seems easy becoz without license i’m not suit for my job. so i tried with my full confidence and i got it. Don’t underestimate without trying.

  23. but its really frustrating in Sharjah,, they act as the are giving us the license for to fly a air craft…

  24. how should I register my final test date by online

  25. could you tell me how to get final test date online in sharjah maroor

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