This will be the last post in this blog.

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Dear Passerby,

This will be the last post in this blog.

It is extremely difficult for me to make this last post. I am not Sabitha as you know her. I am her husband. Sabitha passed away two months after her last post in this blog. On a Thursday afternoon, December 17, 2009.

Today it will be almost one year and 2 months since she left Annie and me. She had severe left ventricle dysfunction. To be specific, she left us fighting Post Partum Cardio Mayopathy, a very rare condition that follows delivery. She was treated in Dubai, Sharjah and also in India. She was a very brave woman and a wonderful partner.

Life goes on one day at a time. Annie is growing up big and strong. She looks and smiles like her mother. As I promised Sabitha, I love her for both of us.

Only recently I could log into this account, for I was not aware of her password. I tried some possible combinations from my memory and it worked. Dear readers, thank you all for being part of her life. She always loved to write and share information.

Today, two days before what could have been our third valentines day, I am posting this. Her memories now make me smile, the places we went, the memories we shared…I still miss her soft grip on my hands.

God bless everyone.

Thanking you again,

Denis Eugene Arackal

Saturday, February 12, 2011.

Emergency trip to Kerala…

•October 20, 2009 • 17 Comments


We are travelling to Kerala tomorrow. It’s been more than a week since I’ve slept hardly for an hour soundly! The moment my head touches my double decker pillows, I struggle for breath and starts coughing like there’s no end to it… I consulted with my Cardiologist at Zulekha, Dr. Pai and he suggested me to go to Kerala at the earliest to get admitted at Amritha Hospital, Kochi for the Dobutamine infusion and parallel consultation with the Pulmonologist there. We will be gone for around 20 days and the only thing that really troubles me is leaving my 3 month old daughter behind in Sharjah with my parents. Even though they treat her like a Princess, I’m sure we would greatly miss her captivating smiles, giggles and acrobatics sessions! I hope to get back soon well enough to hold my little one and watch her smiles n gurgles…

What a combo!

•October 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

I always used to wonder why people tie their heads tightly and act like mad cats while they are having migraine attacks. Both my parents had migraine attacks and I used to fear going near them during those times as a child. How come my sweet Papa who spoils me rotten with love behave like a maniac and my mom acts like she has been taken by the storm!! Now I know… First of all, the strong medication taken for my PPCM was making me weak day by day and thanks to genetics, I have a great combo to add to this malady – migraine!! How I wish I could just melt and vanish in that one hour of extreme pain and anguish… The puking that follows leaves me completely drained that the very thought of food gives me repulsion! My fav Pastas, lasagnes, biriyani, kappa & beef, chicken hakka noodles(the list goes on since I’m a confirmed foodie!) do not come anywhere near the bottom of my mind!!! As usual, my friends n husband gives me the courage to go on.

Friends for a lifetime…

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Some friendships are like that… You may not talk to your friend on a regular basis, may not even know the major happenings in their lives, but once in a while when you both are in touch, you don’t feel any distance at all. The happiness knows no bounds when we get in touch with them, feel at ease with them inspite of the long gap in communication. I just spoke to my long time pal, Manoj after a long time today. It felt so good simply calling him names and shouting at him for not keeping in touch! We both know that underlying all these mock anger and fights, there is the deep rooted friendship waiting to be rediscovered… Hats off to such long standing friendships and moments which would last a lifetime…

Leave judgement to GOD!

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Don’t judge others, leave judgement to God! You may not know the complete truth, only the person being subjected to the judgement and God alone knows what is the TRUTH… Many a times in life we get subjected to people’s criticism at some point or the other, some of us may take it with the chin up, some may be broken like there’s no repair, yet some others may go on as if nothing has happened. Very often, women are the scapegoats since they are easily misunderstood as emotional beings!  We are all not of the same make, each one of us is unique and wonderfully made to perform at our best at all times. But, at times, due the circumstances that we have been brought up, our life’s experiences, our family’s influence, our educational background or any other external factor, we may not always be at our best demeanor. Accept this and keep this in mind before you feel like judging anybody next time! Peace be to the world!!

Feeling quite uneasy and tired for the p…

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Feeling quite uneasy and tired for the past two days… It is during these times that I realize completely that I am a PPCM patient. My days are all the same – very monotonous… Now that Paru & Ajith has brought be some books to read, I don’t feel loneliness very often. They have been a great support through out, I don’t know what I would have done without the emotional and mental support from my friends, well wishers, my parents, sis and my hubby. My little girl, Annie is also trying to entertain me with her giggles and frequent aerobics practice these days. I just love to see her smiling and moving her lips in her sleep. She is definitely worth all the pain I am going through now… We have tentatively decided to conduct her baptism by the last week of Nov., I am just waiting for that day… Thanks to my blog, I am able to give vent to my feelings and thoughts! It is Denis’ birthday this friday, we will have a small celebration with a cake and some kappa and fish curry for lunch. Hope to make it a memorable day for him, my adorable darling…

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