Untimely deaths…

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heart attack death

heart attack death

I was shell shocked!!! How is it possible? They were so much in love, got married inspite of the differences in caste and it’s been only a few years since they started their journey together… How can God be so unjust? Why didn’t he foresee the tears flowing down her cheeks like a river? She was so inconsolable and in grief that nobody dared to bring up his name in her presence. He died out of heart attack few days back and he was only 30!!! I remember seeing him once when he came to office to pick her up after her work. They looked so happy together and very much in love… But, now he is no more, what is left is only the ashes and memories he has left behind… While I was working in Technopark, I heard many such incidents where young men in their prime passed away due to heart attacks, mostly men working in IT companies. They all led posh lives and had all the money in the world for their world trips and hi-fi lifestyle. Many of them spent most of their time at their workstations and were like guests in their own homes… Work stress is the major villain behind most of these untimely deaths. It’s high time you realized there’s more to life than money. Money can’t buy you happiness, love or peace or the joy of seeing your baby crooning and flashing her captivating smile which will light up your world for sure… It is sad many of the youth are after the rat race of making money and leading a peppy lifestyle than enjoying the little things in life which mean the most and gives the greatest happiness. My heart felt condolensces, my dear friend. May the good Lord give you the strength to carry on!


An instance of spite!

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I have known her when I was working in a company in Kerala . She was a bright girl, very chirpy and got on well with amost everyone at office. She started off in a junior position at the PR dept. and went on to become the HR manager – thought this title was not given to her- in 4 years time. When I heard this, I was quite surprised because she did not have a degree in Management, let alone the experience for it! People had many stories, but I couldn’t believe it coz from my experience and interactions with her, she didn’t come across as that type… But sadly a blog was started in her name to malign her, this was what instigated my anger. No matter what the reason or spite you have towards a person, nobody has the rights to use somebody else’s identity to take out their nasty revenge! Be man enough or woman enough to confront problems rather than resorting to such cheap tricks!!


Technopark company ex-CEO arrested for harassment
By Shalini Singh

UK-based Alamy claims to hold the largest and most comprehensive online collection of commercial photography in the world. Established in 1999, Alamy pioneered the concept of an unedited collection and sells images taken by thousands of photographers and photo agencies. Its ex-CEO operating from Technopark, Kerala had left in a hurry and in unclear circumstances.

The Board and senior management in UK have never given a proper explanation to the Alamy workers at Technopark as to why the CEO, Anil Thricovil, suddenly stopped attending office.

Earlier, Techgoss had reported exclusively that Anil has been ‘let go’ because a person in the Alamy HR Department had leveled allegations of harassment against him. After techgoss ran the article, an unidentified person posing as an Alamy employee emailed me saying Anil Thricovil has no differences with the HR Department. Techgoss doubled checked with the person from the HR Department who flatly denied sending the email.  The email sent to techgoss was a fake and designed to stop our investigation.

Now, Anil Thricovil has been arrested by the Trivandrum Police.  The police arrested him in the evening of July 27 for harassing a woman employee of a company in Technopark through phone and emails. Anil, who is a resident of a posh colony in the city, has no full time job since his exit from Alamy. A police team lead by the Circle Inspector of the Museum Police Station in the city raided his house at 830 pm; arrested Anil and confiscated his computer. Anil had been calling the woman from the city for three months.  According to the police, Emails sent by him were traced to Net cafes near General Hospital and Engineering College. The Hitech Cyber Crime cell had traced the phone calls and e-mails.

Eid in Dubai…

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Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!

This year I look forward to the Eid celebrations and holidays for a special reason. Starting Eid holidays, my daughter, Annie will start staying with us. All these months since she was a born – apart from the days at the hospital and few days at our home-she was staying with my parents. My Doc has instructed me to take complete bed rest until December to get my heart problem cured for good. I am only allowed to care for my daugher on my bed and while resting in a sitting position.  Luckily for us, we managed to get a maid who agreed to stay with us until 7pm starting Eid. I am really looking forward to the day that embarks Eid this year so badly!

I am reminded of the Eids celebrated in UAE during the days of His Highness Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Nahayan with awe and nostalgia..Long live the memories of these two great men who changed the history of UAE and marked the beginning of Dubai and UAE as it is today in all its glory!

For those of you who do not know much about Eid, here’s a brief info below:

“Eid ul-Fitr is the most celebrated festival for the Muslims from all over the world, including Dubai. Fitr means to break and it signifies the breaking of the fasting period and of all evil or bad habits.

Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan, celebrated upon the sighting of the new moon on the first of Shawal in Islamic calendar. It signifies the end of the month of fasting. The holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) celebrated the first Eid ul-Fitr with his companions after a victory in the Battle of Badr.

Eid ul-Fitr is a day of happiness and festivity. It is a day when Muslims from all over the world indulge in a humble joy. It is a wholesome celebration of a remarkable achievement of the individual Muslim in the service of Allah. The Eid day starts with the Eid prayer. The Eid prayer is very important for all Muslims, as it congregates Muslims at one centre, taking place at mosques or open areas like fields or squares.

On the Eid day people dress up in new clothes or in their best clothes to attend the Eid prayer. The giving of a special charity called Fitrana for this occasion is obligatory for every capable Muslim. On this special occasion of happiness and joy, people in Dubai visit friends and relatives and exchange gifts. They greet each other by saying Eid Mubarak or a blessed ‘Eid.

Eid is an occasion of ultimate joy particularly for children. They celebrate it with complete enthusiasm and frivolity. Children are given gifts or money by their parents and relatives, and get to eat a lot of sweets.

The Eid ul-Fitr is an exclusive celebration for Muslims, first it contains the spiritual and moral elements, and secondly it comes after an entire month of “absolute” fasting during the days of a month. The conception of Eid in Islam is not confined only to celebration, excessiveness and over-spending, lavish feasts, friendly handshakes and embraces; it is much more than that. Eid is a humble festival, like other Muslim festivals and occasions, it has a modest indulgence and stoical pleasures. The Muslims should rather devote this day to the worship of Allah Subhan Wa T’allah and should plead Him to approve their good deeds and forgive them for their sins. On this day the doors of God’s pardon are kept open His Blessings are plentiful.”

**Coutesy : gowealthy.com

Eid Mubarak to all my friends n well wishers! 🙂

Weekend Bliss…

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I look forward to the weekends… My daughter, Anne comes home every weekend and I wish the world would stand still those days… She wails loudly when her Papa is late in getting her milk or if her milk is not warm or nobody observes her hour long entertainment programs, usually acrobatics with her hands and legs in the air! Oooops! She is crying again, will get back later!!

Ente Onam…

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Onam… the word itself brings lots of sweet memories of childhood… Onam sadhya, oonjal aatam, athapookalam, thiruvathirakali, pulikali, thumbi thullal, onakodi.. Ponnonam day is the day I always look forward to every year with lots of excitement. It is a joyous occassion for the entire family which comes together to celebrate the festival of all Keralites irrespectives of their religion, caste and creed.

onam sadhya

onam sadhya

“Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities.

Onam is celebrated in the beginning of the month of Chingam, the first month of Malayalam Calendar (Kollavarsham). According to the stories in Hindu epics, Mahabali, the legendary King of Kerala, visits the state every year during the Onam festival, to ensure the wellbeing of the people. He is welcomed to his kingdom with reverence. The festival is all about relishing on the grand Onasadya (traditional feast of Onam), shopping, family reunion and welcoming King Mahabali by spreading good cheer.”

onam oonjal

onam oonjal

I wish all the Malayalees across the world a very happy and prosperous Onam!

Life post Peripartum Cardiomyopathy…(PPCM)

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heart patient undergoing treatment

peripartum cardiomyopathy

I feel very tired and exhausted these days… The medicines that I am taking to strengthen my heart muscles are making me weak… On top of that the restrictions on diet, water intake (only 1.25litres/day), complete bed rest and voice rest are getting on my nerves and leaves me frustrated most of the time. I cannot even see my daughter, Annie who is just a month old. She is taken care of by my parents since my Doc has told me to avoid any physical or mental strain. What a punishment for a  first time mother!

Last week I got admitted at the ICU of NMC Super Specialty Hospital in Dubai due to shortness of breath and sweating, symptoms of peripartum cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure. I was there for 3 days, was administered with infusion of  DOBUTAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE  and Lasix as per Dr. Murali Krishna’s – Cardiology dept.-prescription.

* Lasix is a loop diuretic (water pill) that prevents your body from absorbing too much salt, allowing the salt to instead be passed in your urine. Lasix treats fluid retention (edema) in people with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or a kidney disorder such as nephrotic syndrome.

* Dobutamine is a direct-acting inotropic agent. Dobutamine is used for short term treatment of patients with cardiac decompensation. Stimulates beta 1 -receptors in heart, causing more complete and forceful contractions (inotropy) without significantly increasing heart rate or BP.

Doctor has advised me to refrain from any activity which could cause any physical or mental strain during this one month and for the coming 4 months. If proper rest and medication is taken, there is a 75% chance that I could be cured of this heart disease and return to normal life. How I wish to get back to my usual self, hold my daughter in my arms and shower her with all my love and affection!  The Master Healer above is my sole comfort and refuge during these trying times. My husband, Denis is my pillar of strength, who with his amazing patience is taking care of me with all his heart and soul…

Ramadan in Dubai…

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Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan in Dubai

The Holy month of Ramadan has arrived, a month observed with great holiness and abstinence from wordly pleasures… This is my 7th year in UAE during the month of Ramadan, lifestyle has changed a lot from my childhood days here. When I was a child, we observed Ramadan in our office quarters in Dibba, Fujairah. That was a great experience – we used to get lots of sweets and special Ramadan delicacies from our muslim neighbours. Nowadays Ramadan is celebrated as a great event with high profile Iftar parties and celebrations galore.

“Ramadan in Dubai is a unique and different experience due to the fact that people from different parts of the world live and bring their own cultural heritage to this cosmopolitan city. Dubai might be one of the busiest cities in the world but every year it takes time out to celebrate Ramadan.

Important dates in the Islamic calendar are the Prophet’s ascension (Al Isr’a Wal Mairaj) and the Prophet’s birthday (Maulid Al-Nabi), the start of Ramadan and the two ‘festival’ (eid) holidays, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, which are observed as holidays in all the Gulf states except Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is a special month for over two billion Muslims throughout the world. It is of a special meaning to Muslims as it is the Fourth Pillar of The Muslim Faith.”

Here are a few tips and pointers on observing the Holy month while you are in UAE:

  • Ramadan influences in all spheres of life in Dubai – social, business, cultural, entertaining.
  • While this can be a somber month, the three days which follow it are more exciting, with celebrations and partying the order of the day in Dubai.
  • Celebrating the end of the religious observance, gifts are exchanged between friends and family and there is much dancing and joyous partying, often involving huge banquets which run on late into the night.
  • During the Ramadan in Dubai, Muslims have a period of fasting which consists of abstinence of food and drinks as well as any tobacco products and any thoughts or activities that are deemed unclean. All people, including tourists with a different religious background should not eat nor drink in any public locations during the day when Muslims are fasting. It is permitted however to eat and drink on hotel premises.

“Ramadan Mubarak” and “Ramadan Kareem” are congratulatory greetings used when the first day of Ramadan is announced (kareem means generous and mubarak means blessings). Suhoor is the meal in the morning just before sunrise – it is usually a light meal. Iftar is the time of the evening meal just after sunset, traditionally a light snack of dates and water, although this might no be so obvious in Dubai. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims have the following obligations:

* No eating, drinking, smoking or sex between sunrise (fajr) and sunset (maghrib, rather than magrib).
* Curb undesirable emotions such as anger, greed, envy, lust, and refrain from gossip.
* Keep thoughts and actions pure and use the time of fasting for spiritual contemplation.
* Be charitable and help those in need.
* Visit friends and family members.

Children (cut-off point is about 12 years old), the elderly, the insane, travellers, pregnant or nursing women, sick people, and those who are fighting in battle are not expected to fast. Instead they should feed one poor person each day during Ramadan, or, in the case of temporary conditions, make up the days by fasting at a later date. Women should not fast during menstruation but make up those days after Ramadan.