Untimely deaths…

heart attack death

heart attack death

I was shell shocked!!! How is it possible? They were so much in love, got married inspite of the differences in caste and it’s been only a few years since they started their journey together… How can God be so unjust? Why didn’t he foresee the tears flowing down her cheeks like a river? She was so inconsolable and in grief that nobody dared to bring up his name in her presence. He died out of heart attack few days back and he was only 30!!! I remember seeing him once when he came to office to pick her up after her work. They looked so happy together and very much in love… But, now he is no more, what is left is only the ashes and memories he has left behind… While I was working in Technopark, I heard many such incidents where young men in their prime passed away due to heart attacks, mostly men working in IT companies. They all led posh lives and had all the money in the world for their world trips and hi-fi lifestyle. Many of them spent most of their time at their workstations and were like guests in their own homes… Work stress is the major villain behind most of these untimely deaths. It’s high time you realized there’s more to life than money. Money can’t buy you happiness, love or peace or the joy of seeing your baby crooning and flashing her captivating smile which will light up your world for sure… It is sad many of the youth are after the rat race of making money and leading a peppy lifestyle than enjoying the little things in life which mean the most and gives the greatest happiness. My heart felt condolensces, my dear friend. May the good Lord give you the strength to carry on!

~ by Sabitha Denis on September 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Untimely deaths…”

  1. How true it is now!!!!! RIP

  2. Hi Sarah, do you have any clue on what really happened? I am her friend!!

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