Feeling quite uneasy and tired for the p…

Feeling quite uneasy and tired for the past two days… It is during these times that I realize completely that I am a PPCM patient. My days are all the same – very monotonous… Now that Paru & Ajith has brought be some books to read, I don’t feel loneliness very often. They have been a great support through out, I don’t know what I would have done without the emotional and mental support from my friends, well wishers, my parents, sis and my hubby. My little girl, Annie is also trying to entertain me with her giggles and frequent aerobics practice these days. I just love to see her smiling and moving her lips in her sleep. She is definitely worth all the pain I am going through now… We have tentatively decided to conduct her baptism by the last week of Nov., I am just waiting for that day… Thanks to my blog, I am able to give vent to my feelings and thoughts! It is Denis’ birthday this friday, we will have a small celebration with a cake and some kappa and fish curry for lunch. Hope to make it a memorable day for him, my adorable darling…

~ by Sabitha Denis on September 16, 2009.

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