An instance of spite!

I have known her when I was working in a company in Kerala . She was a bright girl, very chirpy and got on well with amost everyone at office. She started off in a junior position at the PR dept. and went on to become the HR manager – thought this title was not given to her- in 4 years time. When I heard this, I was quite surprised because she did not have a degree in Management, let alone the experience for it! People had many stories, but I couldn’t believe it coz from my experience and interactions with her, she didn’t come across as that type… But sadly a blog was started in her name to malign her, this was what instigated my anger. No matter what the reason or spite you have towards a person, nobody has the rights to use somebody else’s identity to take out their nasty revenge! Be man enough or woman enough to confront problems rather than resorting to such cheap tricks!!

Technopark company ex-CEO arrested for harassment
By Shalini Singh

UK-based Alamy claims to hold the largest and most comprehensive online collection of commercial photography in the world. Established in 1999, Alamy pioneered the concept of an unedited collection and sells images taken by thousands of photographers and photo agencies. Its ex-CEO operating from Technopark, Kerala had left in a hurry and in unclear circumstances.

The Board and senior management in UK have never given a proper explanation to the Alamy workers at Technopark as to why the CEO, Anil Thricovil, suddenly stopped attending office.

Earlier, Techgoss had reported exclusively that Anil has been ‘let go’ because a person in the Alamy HR Department had leveled allegations of harassment against him. After techgoss ran the article, an unidentified person posing as an Alamy employee emailed me saying Anil Thricovil has no differences with the HR Department. Techgoss doubled checked with the person from the HR Department who flatly denied sending the email.  The email sent to techgoss was a fake and designed to stop our investigation.

Now, Anil Thricovil has been arrested by the Trivandrum Police.  The police arrested him in the evening of July 27 for harassing a woman employee of a company in Technopark through phone and emails. Anil, who is a resident of a posh colony in the city, has no full time job since his exit from Alamy. A police team lead by the Circle Inspector of the Museum Police Station in the city raided his house at 830 pm; arrested Anil and confiscated his computer. Anil had been calling the woman from the city for three months.  According to the police, Emails sent by him were traced to Net cafes near General Hospital and Engineering College. The Hitech Cyber Crime cell had traced the phone calls and e-mails.

~ by Sabitha Denis on September 15, 2009.

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