Such audacity of maids in UAE!!!

I am greatly relieved!!!! I’ve been tolerating a “moron” for the past 3 weeks – not Denis! 🙂 She came to us the week I got discharged from the hospital after my delivery to take care of my post pregnancy ayurveda massage and for taking care of little Annie. Unexpectedly, few days  after she came in, I was admitted at CCU and was hospitalised for around 5-6 days as I was suffering from “pericardium cardiomyopathy”. All this while our Tamilian maid was taking rest at her place at our cost. As soon as I got back, she was also brought back. As per my Doc’s instructions, I am not supposed to take any mental or physical strain for the coming six months so all the post delivery massages were out of question and my baby was being taken care of my parents at their home. The only thing she had to do for us was to cook and clean but in no time she took advantage of our good heart and started bossing around. We already had 2 litres of Coconut oil in our kitchen but she ordered for sunflower oil coz she didn’t like dishes cooked in coconut oil!! That was just the beginning. Soon she started ordering Denis around, took long naps from 2-5pm and if I aske dfor tea at 4pm, she would ask me to wait until she gets up at 5pm! She had to see her usual Malayalam soap serials between 5.30-8.30pm and the remote was in her custody after 9pm until she slept, that was usually around 11pm. I put up with everything since I was sick and I didn’t have the energy to even bathe myself… Today was the final test of our patience – Denis’s father came to visit us and as I wasuffering with body pain, I requested him to suggest to “Her Majesty” to boil some ayurvedic powder in 1litre water for some body relief. The moment he started to speak, she roared at him and said he doesn’t know anything in rude language! I got fired up and was about to burst out when Papa intervened and told her in a no-nonsense manner to shut up and listen. She shot back back saying she doesn’t want to continue anymore, it was like music for my ears, finally I was getting rid of her but at a cost of Dhs.93/ day!!!

~ by Sabitha Denis on August 16, 2009.

One Response to “Such audacity of maids in UAE!!!”

  1. dont woyry da..our prayers are with u…u will be fine soon..just enjoy the moments with the little one….take care

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