Birth of our daughter…

Life has taken a new turn ever since she came to our lives… Our daughter, Annie Celine Denis was born on July 15,2009. It was a cesarean delivery at Al Qassimi hospital, Sharjah. I got admitted on July 13th after finding out my amniotic fluid was less and my baby’s movements were less frequent. On the evening of July 14th, I developed high fever and the CTG showed abnormal baby heart beats which urged my Arab Docs to go for a cesarean delivery at the earliest. I just remember going to the Operation Theatre and after some time seeing Denis inside the theatre with a beaming face, I wondered where my baby was…he said she was safe and we have a beautiful daughter. She was born at 1.25am.

Annie Celine Denis

Annie Celine Denis

I saw her when I was brought to the maternity ward after an hour or so, I got totally passed out after the local anesthesia. Seeing her for the first time was a visual treata cute little bundle of joy. I knew at that moment that my life has changed for ever. Now, our world is surrounded around her joys and the reality of being parents have struck hard on our lives.

~ by Sabitha Denis on August 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Birth of our daughter…”

  1. Congrats!!! she’s sooooooooooo cute…God Bless you both…

  2. hi I have a friend delivering in sharjah and wanted to know, after the baby was born did you share a room with other women for recovery, how long did you stay and did they allow visitors thanks

  3. If your friend is delivering at Al Qassimi, she will be sharing ward room with other patients unless and until she is a VIP patient. If it is a normal delivery, she may be discharged the next day, if it is a C-section, it might take up to 4-5 days depending on the recovery of the baby and mother.

  4. Congratulations!!!

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