Last Prenatal visit at Kuwait Hospital Sharjah

kuwait hospital sharjah

kuwait hospital sharjah

The Pakistani Doc who examined me last time at Kuwait Hospital Sharjah told me to come for the next appointment on 12th (actually my due date), today, around 10am. She told me by then, the number of patients would be less and I wouldn’t have to wait long like the previous times. For the first and last time, Denis accompanied me for the prenatal visit at Kuwait Hospital and we reached the hospital around 9.45am. The reception seemed to be almost deserted with hardly 2 patients waiting for the appointment token. I heaved a sigh of relief! My token number was then given – 58, my heart sank for a while and I moved to the waiting area, what I saw there almost gave me a mild attack! There were more than 50 patients already waiting there with few kids  playing and shoving things at each other. By the time, my number was called, it was already 1.30pm and by then I had muscle cramps and difficulty in walking to the Doc’s room. The Doc who saw me today said “Masha Allah! What height!” as I entered her room. We both smiled at each other and she took me to the observation room for internal examination and scan. My baby weighed 3.5kg and she seemed to be a small girlie compared to other mamas in waiting  whose babies wighed more than 4kg by their due dates! Doc told me my baby’s weight is quite normal and in fact optimum for a normal delivery. She has given me 20th July as the date of admittance at Al Qassimi hospital Sharjah for the delivery – either normal or induced. Insha allah my baby will be born 4 days before my birthday! 🙂

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 12, 2009.

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