Noor’s Escapade to India!


Hope you remember Noor…( If not, refer to my previous post, “I am shocked”.) I got a call from Noor last week, she sounded very happy for a change! Finally, she is going back to India with her daughter this 25th and leaving UAE for good. She sounded ecstatic and relieved and I felt very happy for her. Her 9 years of physical and mental torture is coming to an end… The man who has vowed to protect her, love her and take care of her has left deep wounded scars in her life. I hope and pray she will have a peaceful life atleast from now onwards. She said she will come to see me and our baby before she leaves. God alone knows if I will meet her again in my lifetime, but I know one thing for sure..she will always remain in my thoughts n memories… I bid her farewell and wish her and her daughter life’s best.

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 11, 2009.

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