A Typical Friday in Sharjah…

Buhairah Corniche Sharjah

Buhairah Corniche Sharjah

We look forward to the weekends especially Friday but unfortunately the day passes by so fast with so many things to do. Most of the thursday nights are longer with family get together, shopping at either City Centre, Mega Mall,Ansar Mall, Safeer Mall, Sahara Centre, Discount Centre, Lulu Hyper Market, K M Trading, Royal Star, or Al Tawun Mall, visit to Al Qasba, Buhairah corniche, or a trip to Ajman beach. We get up mostly around 9am which is quite early compared to others who get up only as early as 10 or 11am on a typical friday in UAE! 🙂 Rest of the day goes by cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, visit to church and an afternoon nap which is a luxury limited to weekends. Several Alumni associations of various colleges from various parts of Kerala also host their cultural programmes on fridays which take up most of the time on fridays. Denis sets out for his solitary walks on Friday evening to capture rare glimpses on his Sony Ericsson K800i. Sometimes, he takes a deviation to the Fish Market to increase the number of inmates in our fresh water fish aquarium!

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Typical Friday in Sharjah…”

  1. OMG! What a breathtaking view! I almost forgot how beautiful the Buhairah Corniche is. I grew up in Sharjah, beautiful suburban Sharjah, and relocated to Egypt in 1995. And I miss it so much! Keep posting pics of that wonderful place please!

  2. I am a blogger in Sharjah, actually not that far from that picture you are posting lol
    If you want to attend this event, let me know xox http://canadiansassysally.com/2013/09/10/beauty-bloggers-promotional-event/

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