Michael Jackson, an Enigma…

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is now hailed as the God of Pop after his tragic death… Life is like that, when you badly need people’s recognition and love, they seem to elude you but they shower it abundantly on you when you no longer sense it. Michael, a child wonder which took the world by storm at the tender age of 5 to later become the dancing sensation mesmerizing people round the world irrespective of age, place, colour, race and sex. He drew crowds to him with his enigmatic personality and charm. A true celebrity who led a high profile life which anyone would envy, but deep inside he was a very lonely child who craved for love and care… His character was brutally assassinated by the child molestation case which shook his confidence and trust in people. He was haunted by prying papparazzi like a wounded animal, they celebrated his downturn in personal and professional life and made his life a living hell. He sought asylum in a new religion, Islam, thinking this new religious belief would liberate him from the dark clouds that surrounded him… There was only his mother, Katherine Jackson, who came forward to openly defend her son and be his pillar of strength during his most troublesome period. That is mother’s love… only a mother can stand up against all odds to defend her child and fight the world if necessary to protect him from the dark shadows which followed him to his death. Michael, I do not know you, haven’t met you, but I express my deepest condolensces on your untimely death and pray that your soul rest in peace… Adieu..Adieu..

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 9, 2009.

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