Getting my Maternity Bag ready!

Maternity bag is ready

Maternity bag

We are expecting our baby any day soon, my Doc at Al Qassimi hospital, Sharjah said the cervix has dilated and delivery could happen even before the due date. My due date is July 12th, this Sunday, but I guess the new member of our family would join us before this weekend is over!

Now is the time to get your maternity bag ready if you are also nearing your due date. My friends have helped me buy the contents for the Maternity bag. Mariam has send me a list, Teena has given me a list over the phone, Sophie gave me some pointers when she visited me last weekend. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to buy all the stuff coz some of my thoughtful friends brought me most of the stuff for the maternity bag. Teena and Sophie got me Baby wraps, new born baby clothes, anti slip bathing sheet, caps and socks, baby towels, baby pouch, lots of embroidered tiny newborn baby clothes, and so on. We just had to buy the Baby bag, wraps, blankets and some clothes which we picked on window shopping.

I have compiled a list of contents for the Maternity Bag. Hope this information would be useful for those of you who are going through this similar phase of motherhood.


For you

□ Plus size front open nighties

□ Pads (as per duration of your periods)

□ Plus size undergarments

□ Towels (big & small)

□ Hair Comb

□ Slippers

For the baby

□ Baby cotton wraps

□ New born baby clothes (baby caps, newborn cotton sleeveless shirts / full covered baby suits all in 5 numbers)

□ Newborn baby diapers (Pampers buy 1 small pack)

□ Baby bath towels, small baby towels (buy this in plenty)

Happy Motherhood! 🙂

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “Getting my Maternity Bag ready!”

  1. Hi,Madam,
    I am a Husband living in sharjah industrial Area 04.My Wife Got Positive Report Yesterday 23/6/2012.I am So Happy and as well as worry as I dont know any thing about these matters.I searched the google and try to find a cheap and best medical treatment for my wife during her pregnancy period.We have a Dubai Based Visa with no medical Cards.Now After Reading Your Blog Article I am little aware of the things that we both parents are going to face in comming days.I am preparing my self ready step by step.Now I wanna Say Thanks a lot to you for this very usefull Article Blog/Post.May Allah Bless You With His Blessings.(Aamin Sum Aamin)

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