Eye of the Emirates @ Qanat Al Qasba, Sharjah




We miss Al Qasba these days… Now that we have moved to Musallah area, we have not been there for a long time… It used to be our usual hang out place while we were staying in the Al Tawun area.

The best season for visiting Al Qasba is during the start of the winter season in UAE. The ticket rates for rides, boating and Giant wheel is very nominal. It is a great place for family get togethers – lots of joy rides, outdoor games and dancing fountain for the kids’ entertainment and Eye of the Emirates (giant wheel), boating and great restaurants with a variety of speciality restaurants to choose from – Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, Arabic, Italian – for families.  For those lovers of coffee, there’s  Star Bucks and for th0se sweet tooths, there’s Dunkin Donuts! Masala Craft and Nandos are the most popular restaurants out here.They also organize a lot of events like Mother’s day week, Food festival, Flowers & Plant Exhibition, Book exhibitions and so on. There is a great Book mall at Qasba where you can get good books  @ cheap rates during the Book Exhibitions.

I am sure you would be looking forward to your weekends or holidays to have a sneak preview of this beautiful hang out place in Sharjah. Don’t miss it while you are in UAE!

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 5, 2009.

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