We are almost there….

smiling happy couple

smiling happy couple

We are almost there… Hardly 11 more days before we set our sights on our first born! If you ask me how I feel these days, I would say I can hardly wait for the BIG day. I wish the labour pain would start ASAP and I will get to see my little one whom we have been eagerly waiting for the past 9 months! It has been a long wait, with pains n aches, almost like an emotional roller coaster ride with moments of happiness and loneliness… My husband has been very patient with me during this phase – even though there were some outbreaks at some point of time! 🙂 An acid test for marriage and patience starts best with your first pregnancy phase I’d say. I feel very heavy and tired these days, especially during the evenings when the excruciating pains becomes too much to bear. My best friend, Teena has lent me her book, “Mother & Baby Care”, by DK books which proved to be a useful guide all this time. I would recommend this to all expecting mothers and fathers; it is a good read and contains all the necessary information to equip you for the journey towards parenthood and child care. My friends and well wishers have been a great support all this while- some with their soothing talks; some with their home made dishes for which we are very grateful, some with their own experiences of motherhood and useful tips, some with their thoughtful gifts for our little one… We can’t thank you all enough, but know that we greatly appreciate all those little acts of kindness and love during this journey.

~ by Sabitha Denis on July 2, 2009.

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