Prenatal check ups: Kuwait Hospital, Sharjah

prenatal check ups - ultrasound scan

prenatal check ups - ultrasound scan

The most tiring thing about my pregnancy is the long waiting hours at Kuwait Hospital, Sharjah. Today I went for my usual prenatal check up at 8am, by the time I was called up for check up it was already 10 min. past 1 o’clock! There were already more than 80 patients waiting for their appointment. The long hours of waiting at the hospital has made my legs stiff and my back aches like anything…The Doctors at Kuwait Hospital’s Gyn dept. are very polite and friendly. Luckily for me, today I had the latest edition of “Vanitha” to keep me company for some time and a Pakistani lady who chatted all the way till her appointment time. I have entered my 37th week and my baby weighs hardly 3kg which is not too bad considering my birth weight – 1.9kg!! As the D-days gets closer, sleeplessness and back pain increases which adds to my fatigue of long waiting. I dread going for my next appointment on July 1st when I think about the long waiting time over there…

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 21, 2009.

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