Old Age : Empty Nest Syndrome

old couple

My granny is in her late 80s, her body has withered with old age and her eye sight has failed to recognize the faces once familiar to her,but she claims to be fit and healthy and hopes to see my unborn daughter’s  wedding! Whenever the door bell rings, she leaps all the way from her upstair room to see who is at the door, much to my aunt’s chagrin. During one such trips, she fell down from the stairs and have broken her legs, but this does not stop her from her little adventures! She takes her multivitamins regularly and is considering a tooth transplant next month.

Denis’ father stays alone at our home in Alleppey, we have tried to persuade him to join us in Sharjah but he finds it very difficult to leave the home where the memories of his beloved wife are still afresh… He finds great joy in tending to the garden built by his wife and takes pleasure in sitting under the mango tree planted by her and reading  Reader’s Digest and daily newspapers. It has been a year since she is gone, but he still feels her presence in every nook and corner of the house. But at nights, when he is left alone, he feels the loneliness too painful to bear… His home filled with the fun and laughter of his three children and wife is now empty.

My heart goes out to him and the elderly like him who are at the sunset phase of their life, they have fulfilled their duties and responsibilities and worked hard to give a happy life to their family at the prime of their lives. Many of them are forced to go to old age homes and await their last days in the compnay of total strangers… We all will come to that phase one day, let us treat the elderly with respect and love so that our children will learn such values from us.


~ by Sabitha Denis on June 19, 2009.

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