Mommy diary…

mother holding her baby

mother holding her baby

God willing, I will be able to hold my little angel in my arms in 3 weeks time… My dear child, you do not know how much I have yearned for this moment. These months of bearing you in my womb has been very special for me. I guess the feeling is mutual for every woman who becomes a mother, the first child will always be special… My friends who are veteran mothers have been showering me with tips on how to eat healthy, have plenty of water and liquid food, read good books, have good and positive thoughts, and most importantly pray well for your well being. Ever since you came into our lives, you have given us the hopes for a better tomorrow. To be a mother is not a right, it is truly a blessing… My muslim friends tell me pregnant women are considered close to “jannat” (which means heaven) and their prayers are considered more valuable in the eyes of Allah. It is truly a miracle to feel that another life is living inside you, woven by God Almighty… I get tired more often these days with frequent back aches and trips to the loo!  But, I believe all the pain I have to go through will be worth  having you in our lives.

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 18, 2009.

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