How are you feeling today???

How are you feeling today??Are you somewhere feeling lonely??? The lyric of Lionel Ritchie’s famous song, “Hello” was what came to my mind when I sat down to write this post… Each day begins with a new hope, a new awakening, a new promise, a new dream… Sometimes for no reason you may feel sad as the day awakens… Try as hard as you may, you will not find any logical reason for your sadness.  There are days when you feel complete charged as though you have had a barrel of Red Bull! Life is very unpredictable…and that is what makes life worth living too.  So, how are you feeling today? Are you happy? Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling on top of the world? Whatever you may feel today, know one thing, you are not as bad as you think and not as good as people conceive you to be… We all live in the world of perceptions and prejudices. We are all people with shades of gray, neither completely black nor completely white. We have our share of goodness and badness which makes us HUMAN… Be happy for the gift of life which is a GIFT not your RIGHT!!! Have a great day!

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “How are you feeling today???”

  1. Today I am feeling human.

    I like entries that make me think, thanks =).


  2. Thanks for the reminders. Life IS a gift, but if there’s too much to do, I complain instead of simply being glad that I can do it.

    • Hmm… We all take it as our right and make plans… Thank you for taking the time to go through my blog! Hope u liked my posts. Take care…

  3. Get going.

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