Visit at Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah – last days of my pregnancy..


Al Qassimi hospital in Sharjah provides very good pregnancy care

As usual, I went for my BSS tests at Al Qassimi hospital, Sharjah, the lab techy took the first blood sample at 7.45am. I was  completely famished after staying hungry from night 10pm until 7.45 am the next day. My baby is quite a demanding little girlie, she keeps on taking her food regularly, quite oblivious to her mom’s condition! Now that the due date is getting nearer, the heart burn increases with my diaphram and baby at a tug of war to gain more space! 🙂 Breathlessness and hunger when added to this makes the last stage of pregnancy  a real terror.. I wonder how the old grannies bore all this with grit when they gave birth to tens or more of children in the early days… Pregnancy is a different ball game altogether- the exclusive privilege of the female race! It is amazing to realize that a new life is living inside you, taking shape to partake in God’s wonderful creation… “A woman becomes complete only when she becomes a mom..”, my married friends used to prophesize, now I know for sure.. Hats off to millions of mothers who selflessly keep the human race going on!


~ by Sabitha Denis on June 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Visit at Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah – last days of my pregnancy..”

  1. @l@my pic adichumattialle..

  2. hi iam in my eighth pregnancy,please tell me private or qassimiya hospital best for delivery,how is the treatment of the doctor.i heard that nurse doesnt come to us during pain unless delivery,is it true,please help.

  3. salam, mr is this a heart hospital? if this is it is free or want money?

  4. salam, is this a heart hospital if this is it is free or want money?

  5. is this a heart hospital?

  6. i want to know about the delivery packages 2011 on al qasimi hospital plese reply me

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