Ageless Memories: For every mom and child…


When I was a child
I made my mom proud and glad
when she heard people say,
“She’s a cute little angel!!”
Little did she know or forethought
that the devil too was an angel;
When I came to my teens
I craved to be a grown-up
and have my share of freedom.
But, alas! when youth did finally arrive,
I wish I were my mom’s little girl
who made her laugh and cry at once
at the little things I did
to win her sole attention and love..
I wish I could make her smile like that again.
But life does not yield to the fancies
of a lonely child in her twenties..
It just goes on and on….
till the end of the journey
where my life meets with its destiny…

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ageless Memories: For every mom and child…”

  1. Moms!!! well the best role in a lady’s life and to be blesssed for being a mom is again a real gift and love from God….cherish every moment with your mom they really shed their energy, time and efforts to get us into this level. The first words we ever speak as a child will be” ma” hats off to having being blessed with a loving mom.

  2. Oh its very delightful……

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