I am welled up with despair
but I put on a mask of merry;
My heart is breaking into pieces
but I put on a false smile;
Life is not fair with me…
My eyes keep searching for that face;
which is still foreign to my eyes..
In the dark silence of nights
I shed tears of loneliness;
At the break of bright sunny day
I put on the mask of joy
and keep my SELF hidden away
from the eyes of the world..
I keep going on with the hope;
someday I’d find happiness..
which would fill me abundantly
and I can tear away the mask of life…..

I wrote this few years back.. Now I can happily say that I have found that FACE, the face of my partner for life, my inspiration and my reason for existence..

It is only when you come across other people’s misfortunes, you realize how fortunate you are…

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 10, 2009.

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