Is there an end to this physical & mental agony??



I feel bogged down.. can’t point out on any one particular reason for that.. But, surely Noor’s revelations shook me to the core.. I never thought such cruelty existed! My husband always says I am living in a fantasy world where everything is goody goody.. I guess he was right as he always rightly proved to be about his observing.. I narrated the incident to Denis yesterday night, he listened to all this with his usual sarcastic smile.. but he also felt that Noor’s life was in danger. I wish I knew what I could do to help her out of this.. He told me not to worry too much as my delivery date was getting near and now I am “heavily” pregnant. But, how being me.. how can I stop worrying about her? Will she return to her native without being harmed? She trusts in her Allah to see her through even when she is walking the tight rope over the fire.. never seen such optimism and faith in God much around these days where people give less damn to their lives and take it as their right to end it up to their whims n fancies… God bless her!

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 10, 2009.

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