I am shocked!!

A48073This is just the prelude to what I am about to engage you with in a few days’ time. I have only heard about such incidents in gossip mags and old Hindi movies. I was shocked to death when Noor told me her story..the cruelty she has been going through all through the nine years of her much dreaded married life.. When the “man” whom you take as your lifepartner becomes a devil in disguise, what would you do??? Would bear all the atrocities of this beast lying down or would you have the strength to mutter a word of it to the world, atleast to your family???? Would you bear the mental and physical agony of “rape” by your own “life partner” silently??? Would you live in fear of your own daughter being molested by her own father????

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “I am shocked!!”

  1. Heard a similar one from my friend as well…Courage is all it takes to bring down all those beasts.

    • You are right, but many a times when you are actually faced with such a situation, you just will have no clue as to what to do as Noor said… Whenever a dispute occurs in family life, society points their finger at the woman involved first…

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