Hmmmm…I am thinking aloud!


I am thinking

People expect you to be a lot like how they want you to be.. but many a times you will have to kill the real YOU to accomplish that! The essence of you is what YOU really are and let that not be taken away from you! The moment you start living a character which is far different from you, you cease to be YOURSELF and that’s the end of your individuality… It’s time you stood up for yourself, your attitudes, your aspirations, your values and what you really care for! This world will tear you apart the split second you yield to their whims and fancies.. That’s the cold reality my friends and fellow beings in this rat race world! Pat yourself and boost up your self-worth, remember that you are on your own no matter how many ties you have in this world.. every relationship in your life is just an accessory.. you are the main product of God’s wonderful creation! You are unique and you are a wonderful person no matter what the hell the world thinks about you! Gear ahead to fulfill your dreams and be your BEST FRIEND…you may fail at times, you may stumble and fall, people may mock you, you may be victimized, you may be called names, you may be called an “eccentric”, you may be ostracized…BUT whatever..stick to the REAL you, you owe that to YOURSELF!!!

Good day!

~ by Sabitha Denis on June 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “Hmmmm…I am thinking aloud!”

  1. “Exceedingly well written” Chechi!!!!!

  2. i don c ane differz in what you wrote abt iam who iam , and this blogie…

    Can you think a widget laterally for once ? not pulling ur leg, yt u cld do better…

    Remember – everyone is unique and everyone has their own identity. all other things only match up in the frame of reference of your world .

    be flexible , act immediately, focus on the out come …. take these 3 things to ur stride.

    motivate yourself, mobilize urself, monitor urself – the 3M to greatness.

    • Bobs, I just started off with that thought as u rightly pointed out. Read my next post, then you will understand why I chose to start off like that.. Your comments are always accepted and it gives me more inspiration to write better as always, dear friend.. 🙂

  3. right said sis,have similar thought too….

  4. Good to see this blog.

  5. ..:)

  6. What do u mean by :)??? U like it? Let me know ur views,k?

  7. very well written didu….

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